Woo Commerce Member area Subscription


Just $19!

Memberships lets you create members-only products and let you offer certain products exclusively to members for free or with discount.

A small addition plugin that makes all the difference!

The plugin that iQDesk has developed enables the online store owner to create an area for products that can be accessed by a subscription.

In this area – with this plugin, you can offer your subscribers discounts and mainly download any virtual product and content.

For example, a Yoga teacher can create a category of video or audio lessons in WooCommerce. This category will only be accessible to users who have subscribed to it on the website.

. An example of how it works can be found at Feldenkrais audio lessons subscription. 

Follow this interactions to install



Product Features

Create members’ area

Define a subscription product and attached product categories to belong to this area.

Upload your virtual products

Upload videos, audio, text or any media which you would like to give your members access to.

Stream or download

Your members can stream the media (audio / video) or download it to their device.

Set any subscription time frame

Either a day or a year you can choose any time frame for subscription and set different time frame to each product.

Minimal configuration

Less than 10 minutes configuration. Set the product, set the trial and set PayPal app and you all set.

Using PayPal subscription

Subscription payment is using PayPal subscription payment that can be canceled by the user at any time

Support mobile devices

Works great on desktop or mobile devices.

Set trial period

If you want to give your user to experience the members’ area before they commit you can offer them free trial by setting the number of days before they will be charged.