SMSender V3 – bulk sms sending software


SMSender – bulk SMS sender Has Loads of Powerful Features!

We offer bulk SMS software management features that ensure a long lasting and stable service by using our SMSender Web and App.

Why Are So Many Marketers Using SMSender bulk sms software?

Easy to use Web Interface and matching App. Powerful tool to manage your SMS marketing. Easily works with any SMS gateway that supports HTTP API such as Nexmo & Clickatell & Twilio. Built on iQDesk engine for easy insulation and minimal configuration.

SMSender can be connected to other web apps on iQDesk engine like Book ‘n’ App for sending sms for users who book their appointments or the API module to send sms messages to app users



SMSender, bulk sms sender that works on iQDesk engine and can connect to other apps as well. It is SaaS ready so you can use it as platform to sell sms credits. With booking schedule builtin and api to get new contacts, it is the perfect solution for your needs.

Bulk SMS Sender – Product Features

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Manage contacts

Create as many contacts as you’d like and group them into groups. You can assign multiple contacts to multiple groups easily. With an added search tool you can find the contacts and their groups fast.

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Import /Export contacts from Excel

Insert to the system all your contacts from Excel or Export from the Web. Easily done and a great time saver tool. As a result you no longer need to keep huge excel files with your contacts.

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Supports Emails

Send Mass Emails with an option to add a limit per hour on the server otherwise it will be treated as spam.

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Create groups

Create unlimited groups and assign contacts to them. Send sms in one click for a group rather go one by one.

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Create multiple users

You can create multiple accounts to use the API, so other users can have access to use the system.

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Send a single SMS

Easy interface to write and send sms from the web rather using your mobile phone for this.

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Send bulk SMS to groups

Compose sms and send it to the whole group in just one click

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History & Log

Track all the SMS you sent and see the status of them. SMS bulk software gives you control to check what and when something was sent and the status of it.

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Minimal configuration

Since you can work with any SMS gateway that supports HTTP API the configuration is minimal.

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Nexmo & Clickatel & Twilio

Predefined gateways: Nexmo, Clickatel & Twilio. Put your username and password and start sending SMS.

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SMSender App

Offering all the features including importing all your mobile phone contacts to the App.

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Customize your SMS and Emails

You can add a Name, Last name and personal greeting, when you customize you can increase your SMS campaign efficiency.

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Add a link to your SMS

You can add a link to your messages. By adding a link can increase the effect of your marketing.

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Long SMS

SMSender supports long messages 70 characters per SMS. You can also send longer messages that will get split into another SMS.

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