How to install Woo Commerce Member area Subscription

Step 1
Upload the plugin to your site using plugin -> add new plugin

Step 2
On PayPal developer area setup new app, setup new app and get PayPal Client Id & PayPal Client Secret

Step 3
On WordPress admin area go to: Settings -> WCMC
and insert the PayPal’s credentials from step 2

Step 4
On Woo Commerce -> Products -> Categories create new category that all items below that categories will be under the members’ area. You can create more than one category. Check the checkbox ‘Enable to show category only for members’

Step 5
On the setting page set if you want to offer trial version, Set the button label and the link to the restricted area you created.

Step 6
Create new subscription product (you can create as many as you like) by adding new Woo commerce product and check the checkbox: Subscription Product and insert the subscription length and how many time it should be billed

Step 7
Now any product you will insert under the category you created on step 4 will be part of the members’ area.