What is iQDesk Engine ?

iQDesk engine is designed for Small Business Management Apps. The engine is a  CRM engine that let you develop beautiful CRM for your business and helps you running your activities online.

For businesses

iQDesk Engine is the most advanced framework for businesses. You can download it for free, install it on your server and you can immediately access the apps shop where you can download and easily install the apps you need for your business and build your own business software.

For developers

Developers can use the engine to deploy their apps. You can develop apps of your own and install them on the system. Developers can submit apps to our shop and sell them using our attractive revenue share model.

Download the framework and move your business to the next level. To view a demo please use demo / demo as user name and password

 Small Business Management Apps

We offer several modules for free and paid versions. To name a few:

  • Calendar booking system module – For running online booking system for your business with a lot of features
  • SMSender – For sending bulk sms messages for your contacts
  • Path Protector – To protect your sensitive information on the web
  • Tasks – Rich function tasks system management
  • Services – Manage your business services online
  • Employees – Manage all your employees information online
  • CRM Leads – Manage all the leads of your business in one page
  • Documents – Upload and scan directly to the module to store documents online
  • Inbox – Received business emails directly to your CRM
  • API Module – develop amazing APIs with builtin sandbox and documentation – Allow you to develop mobile apps API quickly