Welcome to iQDesk Engine!

Best ever flexible engine to build your own work environment.

Awesome features you could be interested in:

1. Responsive CSS markup Allow your eyes to get enjoy work on different screens

2. Built-in JavaScript visual helpers Make your coding process so simple as you never imagined before

3. Embed powerful PHP-libraries Spend less time - do more

4. Get profit with your coding skills Connect to the iQDesk Engine developing group and sell your own modules


Get a quick introduction in idea of engine, installation process, structure of the engine's files and etc.

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Server-Side Coding

Find out more about buil-in classes, libraries, helpers and etc to make your work easier.

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JS Implementing

Learn how to make your interface functional and pretty nice. A lot of hooks and events wait for you!

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Using CSS

Find out more about general classes we use in our engine, learn how to make your layouts responsive.

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