Path Protector – Protect any web page by IP

Deny page access script is a great app that gives you option to protect your URLs for specific IPs and limit access by IP address. It is good to restrict access for some sensitive information on your server. While user name and password always helps some scripts can run over and over until they get the right password. With restricted IPs only the ones you set can have access. It is much more secure than user name and password.

Some time you just don’t want to allow visitors to see sensitive information. For example you have a page that only you salesmen should access it. How do you prevent other to see it? It is very simple using Path protector script.

Even more! your employee left the job? just remove his IP and he has no longer access to your information. This tool is great for online CRMs, shared diaries and tasks and any other information you just don’t other to see about your company.

Based on iQDesk engine for easy installation  and easy add more modules into it. You can buy Smsender – bulk SMS software script or you can ask us for more modules that make your CRM much better for your business. And secured!

How to deny page access script? (Demo – over here:

  1. Insert the url you want to protect and add allowed IPs – all the rest will be denied.
  2. On the urls you want to protect insert one php line:
    and replace path_to_engine with where you installed iQDesk engine.
  3. Users that are not on the ips list will get denied message
  4. If you want to remove ip access – just click on the trash bin and that is it. They can’t access any more to your page. Great to keep visitors out on your website without limiting access to other areas.

Path Protector Script